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The “What I Be” Project-
People are not their insecurities. They are not their stereotypes. They are not their actions, or their beliefs. They aren’t even their mistakes. Who they are, who YOU are, is based solely on who you choice to be. It is not any of those things that define you. How others see and treat you do not define you. The only one who that can do so is you. Being insecure is unfortunately part if like; everyone experiences them. So embrace them! Don’t let them hold you back, SHOUT them from the heavens, and prove to the world that insecure or not YOU ARE YOU!

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forest fire.

This is my favorite song; my grandmother used to sing it to me when I was little. ;-;

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"Gross, Dad, don’t do—DAD, STOP IT!"

this is so sUPERCUTE

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This is the single best post I’ve ever seen. 

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Stare at the first photo for 30 seconds. Stare at second photo immediately after. URWELCOME :D

and to think I almost scrolled past this…

wibbly wobbly timey wimey


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Just saw a post about this and checked my followers to see if it’s true. Blogs with this icon image and random letters and numbers are following blogs. If you hover over the image they look like normal blogs but they might be viruses. THIS IS NO JOKE OR SOME CHAIN LETTER OR W/E.

Just warning you. It’s a creepy image anyway. Don’t click that.

Okayz more news:

These blogs will apparently lead you to fake FBI warning sites. They will lock your browser and you cannot leave the tab. They will say you have been viewing child pornography and will be fined.

They also may delete your firewall.

Goodness this is like a real life Creepy Pasta…

Sorry if I don’t follow back similar blogs until this virus is over and done with. I’m sticking to those I’m following now.  My apologies.

An important note if you do contract this virus:
I’ve had a similar virus that locked up my whole screen and wouldn’t let me access my computer at all.
You’ll have to do a system restore, which you can do by shutting down your computer manually and restarting it in safe mode.
To start in safe mode, just hit F8 during the startup screen until you get to the advanced booting options screen. Select safe mode from there. Some computers will give you the option to do system restore from the advance boot screen, which also works.
Sometimes manually restarting your computer gives you the option to start in safe mode too which is also gr8

Either way, once you’re done the system restore, just do a quick check of your computer to make sure no suspicious files are lurking around, but other than that you should be okay!


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[ NEWS ] Real version of mythical anime Sword discovered in Japan

In the Rurouni Kenshin manga and anime, there’s a reverse-blade sword called "sakabato". An old, real-life version of this fictional sword was apparently discovered in Japan.

Last October, what’s being compared to a real sakabato turned up in an old family storage cellar, located in Chiba Prefecture’s Shiroi City, that dates from the Edo Period (1603 to 1868).

Asahi News reports that the entire weapon, a “kogatana” (小刀) or “short katana,” was covered in rust and measures 11 inches, with the blade measuring 8.6 inches. This reverse-blade, which is also covered with dragon engravings, is different from traditional Japanese swords.

For Japanese swords, the outside of the blade is sharpened. But, as this sword, the fictional sakabato differs in that the inside of the blade is sharp and the outside of the blade is dull. Apparently, this makes the sword brutally deadly.

Supposedly, there was a rare reverse-blade tanto (dagger) called a “kubikiri” or “head cutter.” That blade, however, had no point—unlike this latest find. The Asahi News report appears to indicate that the newly discovered short sword is different and even compares the short sword to Rurouni Kenshin’s fictional blade.

While there are contemporary sakabato for collectors, there’s no record of the sword actually appearing in Japanese history. Until now, it seems there’s been no such record of a similar sword. Thus, that makes the discovery of what’s apparently an actual reverse-blade all the more interesting.

The reverse-blade has been donated to the prefecture’s cultural archive.

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Blackberry Goat Cheese Tart by pastryaffair on Flickr